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What does RFLX stand for?

RFLX is a graphic shortening of the word “reflex”, chosen strategically to represent our brand message and design because of its unique depth. For us reflexes indicate, not only the training of one’s physical body in response to a stimulus, but also the overlooked aspect of the individual’s mental conditioning and psychology. Training our physical bodies is only half the battle, we must also strive to understand ourselves more deeply, to have control over our thoughts and emotions and to embody a method of living that is honest and positive. RFLX is the balance between the mental and the physical into a single, unified mind-body. We are driven to be artists who develop our own unique way of self expression by following the guidance of our intuition and logic rather than the illusions of fear based thinking.
Internal • External • Eternal

What are the main functions of the company?

RFLX is a publishing house and training association. As a publishing company, we help world-class instructors brand themselves by becoming authors and by helping to facilitate the distribution of their titles. In addition, we create and provide in house training through video instruction, online curriculums, and live training.

What is the brand message of RFLX?

RFLX strives to deliver premium media content, to advocate and promote fellow artists, athletes and craftsman in their pursuit of free and positive self expression and to support, in our own way, the synthesis of the collective and individual mind-body.

Why does RFLX exist? Why have we created this brand?

We created RFLX because we are passionate about the pursuit of excellence in martial arts, self defense, and self-awareness. We believe that by improving ourselves we will inevitably have a positive impact, not only on those closest to us, but the world as a whole. We want to support those who are faithful to a similar dream in their own unique ways, as well as those like us who have chosen the path of martial arts. RFLX is meant to inspire, inform, and encourage self-expression, self-control and personal freedom, as well as provide security and well being to those who seek to understand conflict.

Who is RFLX for?

We are here for everyone who needs self defense. We love doing what we do and we are inspired by that same passion in others.

For those who wish to improve their martial arts skill, we have instructional videos, training academies, online curriculums, certifications, and seminars. For those who are looking for a comprehensive look at self-defense and conflict, we will soon introduce the RFLX Matrix Training Handbook. For those who are interested in becoming an author, we offer our publishing services. For those interested in a free internet education, we have a growing library of thought provoking, entertaining and instructional material on our website and social media channels. And finally, for those interested in dressing well and differentiating themselves with a unique brand and style, we have some slick limited run apparel at our online shop.

What is the future of RFLX?

We aim to continue developing in a number of ways in the coming years: 1) Expand our library of titles to offer an even more extensive an comprehensive selection of authors. 2) Improve our Affiliate Membership Program by adding valuable material and offering awesome deals. 3) Build our schedule of certifications, seminars and workshops and continue to make strong partnerships with people and organizations who believe in our work. 4) Strengthen our newsletter to deliver more frequent, pertinent and entertaining updates. 5) Continue building our training academies and expand into new locations. 6) Develop an online training academy for Matrix to be implemented as a course at home. 7) Partner with unique and inspiring people to tell their stories and support their individual missions. 8) Keep getting better at what we do and continue to strive to embody our own message.

What is included in the Newsletter? / How often will I receive emails from RFLX if I sign up?

The Newsletter includes special deals and limited time offers, alerts to new stories and media and updates on everything else RFLX. Because we respect and appreciate your subscription we won’t bombard you with emails – you can expect to receive the newsletter bi-monthly at most.

RFLX Wrestling Curriculum

Why choose wrestling?

Wrestling is a powerful, time-tested and battle proven practice that develops toughness, resiliency, strength and stamina. It is an excellent tool for self-defense and MMA because its core principles are based on the ability to determine the location of the fight. Being confident in takedown defense and offense can be the difference between a win or loss in the cage, or more seriously, life or death on the street.

Why does RFLX endorse grappling as “the highest ethic”?

We consider wrestling, and more broadly, “grappling” , to be the “highest ethic” when speaking in terms of self-defense because it is a way to control another individual without necessarily having to seriously injure him. Rather than ONLY training to strike with potentially devastating effect, the goal is to aquire a level of control that may not require such ends. This is not only because we understand the value of life but because we understand the mechanism of our justice system. By doing your best to protect your opponent, you are effectively protecting yourself from those in the court system who may not share your same perspective.

What is unique about the RFLX Wrestling Curriculum?

To start, it is the first and only Black Belt Wrestling System. We have created a effective system that bridges the gap between stand-up and the ground. Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu are two highly effective styles that have gained popularity since the advent of MMA, however, both arts often neglect the other and rarely attempt to answer the difficult question of bridging the gap. RFLX Wrestling is that missing link. Furthermore, we have developed a highly intuitive and applicable rotating schedule and belt system for this curriculum. What this schedule and system allow for is the seamless integration into already successful gyms and academies, easy access for instructors to quickly get up an running and a clear path for students to feel confident that they are in good hands and have a goal to work towards.

Is this a proven system?

Absolutely. Wrestling is the basis of all real martial arts and fighting systems and has proven it’s effectiveness in the modern “MMA” arena,  producing some of the most feared fighters and greatest champions in history. The RFLX Wreslting system itself is has been tested by many RFLX affiliated schools, instructors and belt holders with overwhelmingly positive feedback and results.

How will the RFLX wrestling curriculum improve my school/gym?

No matter what style or art your school already offers, it can be positively supplemented with wrestling. We hear things like this all the time: “I need better takedown defense,” “I need to work on my clinch game,” “Wrestlers are the toughest guys to deal with,” and so on. Every school can benefit from the inclusion of wrestling based grappling. We provide a turnkey, easy to use system that makes implementing a complete wrestling curriculum in your school practical, inexpensive, risk-free, simple and profitable.

How do I implement the curriculum into my school/gym?

We recommend signing up for our Affiliate Membership Program (AMP) subscription which includes access to an online video based rotating curriculum with weekly lesson plans and guidance for teaching the system.  This a powerful tool that keeps your instructors motivated and prepared and provides consistent training for students. We strongly recommend that you and your top instructors get certified in person once you have had a chance to study and practice it.

What is the RFLX Affiliate Membership Program (AMP) and what does it include?

The RFLX AMP is an inexpensive monthly membership that provides school owners and instructors a well organized, weekly lesson plan to teach the RFLX Wrestling system. This is a “turnkey”  integration of the RFLX Wrestling system into your school’s schedule. You have online access to the entire rotating curriculum, broken down weekly, with video explanations of techniques and specific options to expand off of that particular technique. The membership includes access to all three levels of the curriculum (Core, Silver and Gold) for a complete Black Belt System.

How much does it cost to be a part of the RFLX AMP?

While many online curriculum programs charge upwards of $200/month, the RFLX AMP only costs $100/month and includes everything you need to get your school up and running with a world-class wrestling program! Furthermore, there is no risk, and members can cancel at any time.

Can anyone learn the curriculum?

Yes. We have seen all types of people — women, men, big people, and small people achieve success in the RFLX Wrestling system. All one needs is a desire to learn and a commitment to succeed. The program is designed for all ages and levels. Live grappling is not required until the Black Belt level and all the techniques can be learned and executed by a martial arts student with a basic fitness level.  There are some techniques that require rolling, falling and standing on one leg. As with all martial arts, there is a basic level of fitness, strength and mobility in order to participate. The Core Curriculum  has been designed to enhance any martial art style or self defense program. We strongly believe that all martial arts styles must include grappling in order to be complete.

Can this be used as a self-defense curriculum?

Yes. We firmly believe, as do many other experts, that in a self-defense situation you should always do your best to remain standing. For this reason, the RFLX Wrestling program is an excellent tool to teach students how to dictate the circumstances of the fight. RFLX Wrestling focuses heavily on takedown defense, offense, and the clinch position, as well as, maintaining top position so as to avoid being on your back at all costs. Furthermore, when coupled with RFLX Matrix Training, RFLX offers a highly comprehensive and effective look at self defense and personal protection.

Do I need to be certified to teach?

We strongly recommend that all school owners and instructors become certified to teach the curriculum. Instructors can promote up to their belt level. Certified Instructors are listed as such on the RFLX website here.

Who is this for? Fighters, sports, self-defense, tactical?

The curriculum is made for all of the above. We have a separate RFLX Tactical Wrestling series and weapon retention instruction that are tailored specifically for those who carry a firearm.

Where can I find more information about the RFLX Wrestling Curriculum?

Please click here for more information.

Certifications Seminars and Workshops

What is the difference between certs, seminars and workshops?

Seminars – these events constitute approximately 1-3 hours of lecture/presentation style instruction with the possibility of minimal hands on training or drilling. They are usually available to larger groups of up to 30 or more people and are open to the public.
Workshops – this style of training lasts approximately 4-6 hours and is mostly physical and interactive. Group numbers are smaller and may be privately held.
Certifications – scheduled for school owners who are looking to implement a curriculum into their school or serious students who want to build a resume. A certification lasts 1-3 days and is full of intensive hands on training. These courses are intended for the student to go on and teach the material to others, therefore, it is necessary to cover a lot of in depth material and for the student to be present and energetic. We offer certifications for the RFLX Combat Wrestling Curriculum, the RFLX Tactical Core Curriculum and the RFLX Weapon Retention Series.

Does RFLX do private/corporate training?

Yes. Each organization has its own goals / expectations that we will tailor our training to. Training can range from two hour, lecture style information and awareness sessions, to multiple day, hands-on, physical training, it just depends what you determine is right for your business and your employees. We will work with you to ensure your RFLX experience is best suited and optimized for highest return on investment.

Training topics include:
Active shooter preparedness
Tactical handgun training
Conflict / Tactical communications
Gun and knife disarming
Weapon retention for concealed carry
Wrestling / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu based self defense
Women’s self defense
Self defense for high school and college students

Are certifications just for school owners and instructors?

Anyone who is interested in gaining hands on in-depth training is encouraged to get certified. While certifications are tailored towards getting school owners and instructors up and running with our programs, it is by no means a prerequisite to hold either title. If you are interested in training in-person with our RFLX team and you are looking to build your resume as an added bonus, then a certification course is the perfect investment for you.

When are certifications held?

We have a schedule here. However, if you are interested in getting certified and cannot attend any of the already scheduled events then please contact us here and we may be able to accommodate you in some way.

Who do I contact to organize an event?

Please use our contact page here. All emails are fielded and handled by our core group of RFLX owners and operators.

Digital Download Vs. DVD

Why does RFLX choose to offer digital download?

Simply, we believe its the best way to enjoy our content. It’s fast, reliable, convenient and easy to use. Digital download allows all of your video instruction to be available right when you want it. If you’re still into DVD’s though, we’ve got those too… We’re just saying that we think digital download is strong learning tool.

Is it easy to install and use?

Most definitely. As soon as you purchase the video is available for playback online. All you need to do then to have it instantly on your all favorite devices is to download the app and login. easy as that. You will also have the option to download your purchases to the desktop and save them for later viewing. Have fun learning!

What is Platform Purple?

Platform Purple is a trusted partner for hosting and delivering our downloadable content.

How do I purchase a product in digital download format?

On the individual product page, above the “add to cart” button (which buys you a physical DVD) you have the option to click the “buy digital download” button. This link will redirect you to a secure checkout for your purchase hosted by Platform Purple.

Are all RFLX products available in digital download?

Not all, but most. If you do not see the “buy digital download” button on the individual product page, then that product is only available in DVD format… Sorry.

Is Platform Purple safe for my devices?

Definitely. It is a secure platform trusted by a number of big name brands.

Where can I learn more about the RFLX digital download library?

Funny you should ask, we’ve got a link for you right here.

Do I need to purchase a membership to access my purchases?

No you do not. While the membership section indeed has its perks, it is by no means a necessity to access your purchases. That is all done through your individual Platform Purple player and account.

RFLX Graphics and Publishing

Who is the lead operator of RFLX publishing and what is his experience?

John Davie is the lead operator of RFLX publishing. John has over 30 years of advertising and design experience as owner of his own advertising agency, and has played the roll as art director, lead designer, concept designer, and accounts manager. He is passionate about martial arts, easy to work with, organized and driven to produce great material.

What are the capabilities of the RFLX publishing and design team?

Depending on individual needs and budgets, we have the ability to handle any and all instructional projects, online publishing and marketing through our channels, packaging design, physical DVD distribution, personal branding (including logo design, website design, and photography), project organization and more. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a project, please contact us here.

What kind of equipment does RFLX have at its disposal?

We choose to use high end DSLR cameras in a multi-cam setup, professional microphones and recorders and high-quality LED lighting kits to produce the best product we can while maintaining a reasonable budget scale. One of the difficulties for the martial arts industry in particular is finding the middle ground between just a single, lockdown camera run by an inexperienced camera operator and an out of budget production agency that will charge insane amounts of money. We have strategically placed ourselves in that gap in order to both produce a high quality product and stay accessible to the artists and authors we want to support. The bottom line is that we want to see you be successful in branding yourself, your business and in becoming an author, in order to bring the best material to our shared community.

What are the benefits to being published as an author?

Authorship achieves a number of things: 1) It develops you as an authority in regards to your subject which helps with personal branding. 2) It provides you with an additional source of income that works while you sleep. 3) It spreads your brand reach beyond the physical boundaries of your location – we have customers in Australia and in Alaska that love our products and thus our authors. 4) It adds to your your authenticity by demonstrating it to people.

Policies and Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

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Shipping Policy

What do you ship?
Titles carried by RFLX that are offered in DVD format can be shipped anywhere in the United States. Not all products are available in DVD format. Look at the individual product page to determine if the product you want is offered as a physical DVD.

When do you ship?
As soon as we receive your order and payment is confirmed, we forward the shipping order to our fulfillment and distributing partner. Products are usually shipped within 2-5 days of order confirmation.

Where do you ship to?
Anywhere in the United States. If you are from another country, consider our digital download option.

How do you ship?

Rates to ship?
Flat rate shipping at $8.00 per order.

How to track an order that’s been shipped?
Tracking upon request.

In-store pick up option?
None at this time.

Return Policy

What can be returned? 
If defective, DVD products can be returned. Contact us for instructions.

When do items need to be returned?
Within 14 days of first receiving them.

Where do items need to be returned?
Ship to:
RFLX Training
3117 Stevens Cir. N.
Erie, CO. 80516

How do customers return items?
Use any viable shipping service.

Shipping for returns?
Return shipping is paid for by the customer.

Credit for returns?
We will provide store credit for any returned items that are eligible.

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