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Vince Lombardi

Winning isn’t everything, but the will to win is everything.” – Vince Lombardi

What is the “will to win” 

Everyone has the will to win. Have you ever met someone that actually WANTS to lose. I doubt it. This quote is really taken to say that it’s about “game day” and it’s about getting through the pain, roughing it, and working until you cannot any more.

The will to win really translates into the will to prepare

It’s more about how well you prepared that will take you through game day. For instance, if a fighter were to step into the ring, relying only on his will to win, it doesn’t really matter how much he cares, the other fighter who trained and prepared will most likely defeat him in spectacular style. Only using your will power doesn’t really take you anywhere. In fact, it is really insight, knowledge, skill, and mastery that we seek to ultimately make our actions effortless. When you can perform in an effortless fashion, you are much closer to truly mastering a craft. For example, two skiers are heading down the mountain, one is really struggling and the other seems to be just flowing down the slope. Both skiers reach the bottom so the result is the same but it is quite obvious who has refined the technique. This principle is key to the art of self-defense. If you think that you can simply walk around relying on your will to survive to combat any potential threats you may get yourself into trouble. Instead, if you can channel that will power into your training you will be able to walk tall, remaining confident and humble in your preparation to handle yourself.

The distortion of competition today

It is very clear to see that competition will make people move. With competition, you constantly have to work to stay in the game and keep up with your competitors. The world is a competitive place and it can be a good thing to help you improve. When thought of in this way, your competitors are actually your greatest allies because without them you wouldn’t have bettered yourself. However, this idea has been greatly distorted and has transformed into a hatred for your competitor because if they are doing well then it must mean that you are doing poorly. This is such a dangerous notion because it reinforces an egocentric, win at all cost attitude. It is me against you; it is me against the world.


By Austin Davie

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