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Is judging people actually wrong?

Many people’s immediate response to this question is “yes” and it is something they don’t want to admit to doing. And yet, they can’t help it! As soon as someone crosses your path walking down the street, unless you are focused on something else entirely, you make a split-second judgment of him or her. If you didn’t, couldn’t it lead you into some troublesome situations? For instance, if a man who had a distorted or evil psyche approached you and you were to naïve to recognize that some people are simply bad, this man may now have the ability to get close to you and end up hurting you. So, there must be some sort of barrier, some sort of decision-making process to keep the biological being safe and in existence.

The difference between “judging” and “being discerning”

When we are judging, we are only comparing against our social conditioning, against what we have been taught and told by society. Judging sounds like, “You shouldn’t smell so bad” or, “You should be smarter”. Never does a true transformational process occur where we expand our personal perspective. In that way, judging takes on aspects of projection where secretly we are afraid we could fail, or that we smell or aren’t smart enough.

Being discerning on the other hand is what we must strive for because it integrates and combines our own rational ideas and philosophies. While being discerning, we use empathy and begin to interpret at an instinctual level how a person who is walking by us on the street came to be. This gives us a clearer path to the truth and from there we may overcome our initial conditioned response. For instance, instead of seeing a homeless drifter type man and saying, “You should have a job and dress nicely etc.” we may say, “I hope he gets on his feet”. That does not mean that we are in any way obligated to subject ourselves to his presence because we don’t want to allow people who have a negative influence drain our energy. However, it does mean that we may understand why that person is doing what they are doing and while they go down their path so do we continue down our own.

Being discerning and the art of self-defense

Being discerning is what we must strive for as we master our craft of self-defense. By doing so, we become aware of our own thoughts and reject those that hold a negative vibration while at the same time, remaining vigilant of our surroundings. Those who naively say that everything and everyone is “good” are simply ignoring the presence of evil and are therefore not prepared to defend themselves against it.


By Austin Davie

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