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Emotions + thought = thoughtforms. This phenomenon tends toward self perpetuation as it attracts more energy of the same frequency and therefore, gives an appearance of independent realness. By exercising freewill through deliberately choosing thoughts and ideas which lead to higher frequency emotions, we grow our spiritual muscles and deny negative thoughtforms the energy that sustains them.

thoughtformsCheck out Aubrey Marcus‘ take on this notion.

“The greatest illusion of the Illusion is to convince you that it is real. That all of those dangers lurking at work, at home, in our mind, have claws and teeth that draw real blood, rather than the phantom gnashing of our ego. When we tell our body that it is real, our body listens. Cortisol depresses immediate immune function, allocating resources for an upcoming fight or flight. But that fight and that flight never comes. Just inflammation, chronic stress, and eventual disease. And why?

Its all going to be alright. One day we’ll be back home in the infinite and look back at this game we played in the hologram, shaking our head with a smile. “Damn that was gnarly, but was it ever beautiful.”

So let’s play the game, but play it like we were on the sandlot. With smiles and shrieks and passion, but realize at the end of the day it is play. The Toltecs called this our controlled folly. To play the game as if it was real, while knowing all along it was just a game.

For all it’s challenges, I’d come play this game again. There is none better. So when my cosmic friends come knocking on my eternal door, with balls, bats and gloves, you can count me in. I’m stoked to be playing alongside all of you. So let’s give this thing a good run and go for our win. If we do that, no matter what happens we can pat each other on the back and say ‘hell of a game’.”

By John Davie


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