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Busy BJJ – The Side Guard

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Professor Mario “Busy” Correa teaches world class Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from the side guard position in this high quality video instructional.

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In this instructional video, Black Belt Professor Mario “Busy” Correa delivers an in-depth guide to the side guard. Set-ups, sweeps, submissions and combinations are demonstrated. The side guard is an excellent guard for competitive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well as self defense against a larger, stronger opponent.


1. a. Cross arm set up 1

1. b. Cross arm set up 2

1. c. Under / Over grip set up

1. d. Lapel Set up

1. e. Opponent grabs sleeve setup

1. f. Front choke setup

1. g. Lapel choke setup

1. h. Maintaining Side Guard

2. a. Pendulum sweep 1 – “good” knee up

2. b. Pendulum sweep 2 – both knees down

2. c. Pendulum sweep 2 – “bad knee up

2. d. Pendulum sweep 4 – knee block

2. e. Taking the back – without grips

2. f. Cross elbow sweep

3. a. Roger Gracie arm bar

3. b. Spinning arm bar

3. c. Triangle choke

3. d. Americana armlock

3. e. Collar choke locking over the shoulder

3. f. collar choke over the back

3. g. Ezekiel choke

3. h. Arm triangle choke

3. i. Lapel choke

4. a. Pendulum to armbar

4. b. Pendulum to mount to armbar

4. c. Cross elbow to mount to double armbar

4. d. Cross elbow to spinning armbar

4. e. Ten points combo

4. f. Collar choke to back mount

4. g. collar choke to bow and arrow

4. h. pendulum to bow and arrow

4. i. Triangle to americana

4. j. Wrist pull to arm triangle


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