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Chillax Yoga Flow


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In this title, Lisa Richards takes you through a rejuvenating and creative vinyasa practice built around developing hip flexibility.

Guided practices
Posture tutorials
Core strength postures
Choose relaxing music soundtrack or voice only and play your own music
Choose from 4 different practice optionss
Running time approx. 64 minutes
For all levels and abilities

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It is often said in yoga, “open hips equals an open heart”. Enjoy a creative vinyasa practice built around these key areas of the body. Find new and expansive openings as we build upon postures to access deeper levels of awareness and acceptance. Experience a mellow, rejuvenating yoga flow designed to chill you out all while exploring various moon salutations and delicious seated and hip opening poses.  Learn to feel the healing power and calming effect of yoga. Lisa’s relaxed and soothing approach will make you comfortable from the start. The moving meditation of yoga is an inward journey that has to be experienced to be understood. Once you learn to enter the calm oasis, your life will be transformed in ways you could never imagine. Perfect for practicing at home or on the road – all you need is yourself! Features a beautifully orchestrated soundtrack, and options for different practices.

Practice Options

Meditative Flow
Experience the balance of relaxation and intensity as you move through fluid moon salutations. This sequence is designed to open your heart and your hips while restoring the body with energy.

Energizing Hip Opening
Hip opening poses free your spine and your heart bringing in more vitality, openness and energy into your day.

Mellow Heart Opening
Create expansiveness in the heart center, improve your posture and increase breathing capacity and energy in this restorative flow.


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