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JKD for MMA Volume 1

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Volume 1 of the JKD for MMA system covers Advanced Footwork.

If you are interested in purchasing just one volume of the set then you are in the right place, however, keep in mind that you can save some hard earned cash if you decide to order the entire curriculum!

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Footwork is King. Having good footwork gives you the ability to control the fighting measure, distance, and timing.  Footwork allows you to intercept your opponent and to use your artillery with maximum speed and power.  Without footwork you can never hit your opponent, and your opponent can hit you.  Without footwork there is no body mechanics in your punches and kicks.  You will learn advanced concepts and principles of ½ beat footwork so you can offensively break the rhythm and setup your opponents for attacks.


1. Introduction
2. Footwork Controls Range and Artillery
3. Introduction to the JKD Stance
4. Advantages of Power Side Forward

The Stance Bi Jong
5. The Stance Bi Jong
6. Small Phasic Bent Knee Stance
7. Stance mechanics  upper body
8. Stance mechanics  variations

Footwork Fundamentals
9. Footwork as the Foundation
11. The Fighting Measure  JKD Range1
12. The Step and Slide
13. Step and Slide review
14. The Push Shuffle
15. The Push Shuffle  power generation
16. The Slide Shuffle & The Pendulum
17. The Side Step
18. The Pivot & Curving Step
19. Tactical Step In & Step Out

Half Beat Footwork
20. Half Beat Footwork & Broken Rhythm
21. The Broken Rhythm concept
22. Basic Half Beat patterns  retreating
23. Basic Half Beat patterns  advancing
24. The Split Step
25. The Split Step application
26. The Fencer’s Double Heel Lunge
27. The Stealing Step  the Staccato Beat
28. The Stutter Step  the Staccato Beat
29. Bouncing & The Ali Shuffle
30. The Skip Step  Superman Punch
31. Hitting on the retreat

Half Beat Footwork Drills
32. Slide Step Back / Push Back
33. Push Back / Slide Shuffle Back
34. Pivot / Slide Shuffle Back
39. Slide Shuffle Back / Pivot|
40. Push Back  Push Back / Half Beat Push Forward
41. Slide Shuffle Back / Half Beat Jeet Tek
42. Bounce / Split Step
43. Double Bounce / Split Step
44. Bounce / Split Step / Slide Shuffle Back
45. Triple Bounce / Split Step
46. Bounce / Pivot / Split Step
47. Slip / Pivot / Slide Shuffle Back

Offensive Half Beat Footwork Combos
48. Step in / Pause and Punch
50. Step in / Stutter Step and Punch|
51. Step in  Step out / Push Shuffle & Punch
52. Step in  Step out / Double Heel Lunge Punch
53. Step in  Step out / Slide Shuffle Burst & Kick
54. Double Stutter Step / Stealing Step & Punch|
55. Shadow Footwork


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