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JKD for MMA Volume 10

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Volume 8 of the JKD for MMA system covers Partner Drills.

If you are interested in purchasing just one volume of the set then you are in the right place, however, keep in mind that you can save some hard earned cash if you decide to order the entire curriculum!

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Partner drills develop timing, fitness and reflexes for both partners. This is where JKD for MMA comes together and gets refined. Once you have studied and built the fundamentals, these drills will solidify your knowledge and make you unstoppable!


1. Introduction to Partner Drills
2. 3 Beat Jab Drill
3. 3 Beat Cross Drill
4. 3 Beat Jab/Jab-Body Hook Drill
5. Jab/Cross – Cross/Hook – Hook/Cross
6. Jab/Cross – Cross/Hook – Cross/Hook/Cross
7. 2 for 2 for 3 Drills with Boxing and Trapping
8. 2 for 2 for 3 with Ping Choi Gua Choi
9.  Beat Jabs Drill for Before, During and After Timing
10. 3 Beat Kicking Drill for Lead Leg Low Round Kick (Now Tek)
11. 3 Beat Kicking Drill for Thai Rear Leg Round Kick to Leg
12. 3 Beat Kicking Drill for Coupe De Pied Bas-Oblique Kick- Coupe De Pied Bas
13. 3 Beat Mixed Kicking Drill – Now Tek – Thai Kick – Rear Leg Chase
14. Mixed Kicking : Reverse/Thai kick – Oblique Kick – Coupe De Pied Bas/Now Tek High
15. Mixed Kicking : CDPB/NT Low/Now Tek High – CDPB/NT Body(Parry This)- CDPB/NT Body
16. 3 for 1 for 1 – Jab/Cross/Thai Kick – Cross – Thai Kick
17. 3 for 2 for 3 with punching, kicking & trapping
18. Freestyle Drilling Round 1 – One Person Initiates
19. Freestyle Drilling Round 2 – Both Sides Can Initiate|
20. Freestyle Drilling with MMA Gloves – Round
21. Freestyle Drilling with MMA Gloves – Round 2


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