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JKD for MMA Volumes 4 & 5

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Volume 4 of the JKD for MMA system covers Attack Strategy Parts 1 & 2.

If you are interested in purchasing just one volume of the set then you are in the right place, however, keep in mind that you can save some hard earned cash if you decide to order the entire curriculum!

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Part 1

Master the 5 Ranges of Combat and the 4 Phases of the Fight.  Gain the advantage with concepts such as Preliminary Analysis, Engagement and Entering, Primary Attack strategy means to attack first which sets the rhythm of the contest. Learn the purpose of combinations and how to use Cadence, Tempo, and Rhythm in combinations.  Learn how to organize your attacks, so that you can execute them in combat using The 5 Ways of Attack as well as how to combine offensive footwork with your attacking combinations.

Part 2

Continue to develop the 5 Ways of Attack, how to break the rhythm, how to attack your opponent by exposing, forcing, and feinting.  SDA(Single Direct Attack), ABC(Attack by Combination), PIA(Progressive Indirect Attack), HIA(Hand Immobilization Attack), and ABD(Attack by Draw).  Master deception and learn how to use Broken Rhythm, Faking and Feinting to setup and finish your opponent.  You will also learn how to safely bridge the gap and apply trapping, boxing, wrestling, or Brazilian jiu-jitsu.


Part 1

1. The Ranges of Combat
2. The Five Ranges of Combat
3. Ways of Attacking
4. Secondary Attack Overview
5. The 4 Phases of the Fight
6. Phase 1  Preliminary Analysis vs Western  Boxer
7. Phase 1  Preliminary Analysis vs Thai Boxer
8. Phase 1  Preliminary Analysis vs MMA Wrestler
9. Phase 1  Preliminary Analysis: Timing, Awareness and Distance Control
10. Phase 2  Engagement and Entering

Primary Attack  Single Direct Attack
11. BTAA  Broken Timing Angulated Attack
12. Footwork  Step in / Stutter Step / Push Shuffle and Punch
13. Footwork  Step in / Step out / Fencer’s Double Heel Lunge / Punch
14. Footwork  Double Stutter Step / Stealing Step and Punch or Kick
15. Footwork  Curve to the right / Cut the angle / Straight Right Lead
16. Footwork  Shuffle Back / push Shuffle Forward / Punch or Kick
17. Live movement with natural flow

Primary Attack  Attack by Combination
18. The Purpose of Combinations
19. Concepts, Theories & Applications
20. Cadence: Long & Short Rhythms
21. Using Tempo & Rhythm in Combinations
22. Organizing Combinations for Attack Strategy0
23. high / low / high combos  part 1
24. high / low / high combos  part 2
25. high / low / high combos  part 30
26. low / high / low combos  part 1
27. low / high / low combos  part 2
28. low / high / low combos  part 3
29. low / high / low combos  part 4
30. Setting up the Takedown Shot
31. high / high / low combos  part 1
32. high / high / low combos  part 2
33. low / low / high  combos  part 1
34. low / low / high  combos  part 2
35. low / low / high  combos  part 3
36. Attack by Combination conclusion

Part 2

Primary Attack: Attack By Draw
1. Primary Attack: Attack By Draw
2. Broken Rhythm  Theory & Application
3. Exposing, Forcing & Feinting
4. Exposing and Hitting on the HalfBeat
5. Using the JeetTek (Intercepting StopKick)
6. Using Feinting & Faking
7. Using Forcing to Counter the Counter

Primary Attack: Progressive Indirect Attack
8. Creating Reactions with Feints and Fakes
9. The difference between Feints and Fakes
10. Double Fakes and Broken Rhythms
11. Bridge the Gap with High/Low/High Attacks
12. Feints and Fakes with Savate Style Kicks
13. Breaking Rhythm by Combining Attack Methods
14. Front Hand Blocker  Fake the Jab and Side Kick/RoundSide Kick
15. Front Hand Blocker  Fake Backfist & JumpingJack Side Kick from Boxing Range
16. Lead Jab to the Body to Setup Attack
17. Low/High Combinations for Drilling
18. Faking the Low Shoot – Takedown
19. Faking the Low Shot vs a Wrestler
20. High/Low Combinations for Drilling
21. High/Low Combos – Fake the Cross
22. High/low patterns  faking the cross
23. Double fakes
24. Double fakes  fake/feint/shuffle
25. Double fakes  fake low/ fake high
26. Double fakes  fake high/ fake low
27. Faking the kick first
28. Feint the jab/feint low kick/cross
29. Feint the cross/feint low kick/high kick
30. Fake the Thai kick/fake low kick/cross
31. Fake low oblique kick/finish high
32. Broken rhythm in PIA  combos
33. Jab mid /  fake hook head / cross body
34. Jab mid /  fake backfist / cross body
35. Backfist / fake mid / hook high
36. Jab / fake low kick / cross
37. Jab / fake Thai kick / high kick
38. Jab / fake cross / fake Thai kick / lowhigh kick
39. Jabcross / fake hook  side kick
40. Jabcross / fake hook / spinning kick

Part 1

Part 2


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