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RFLX Championship High School Wrestling Core Curriculum

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The RFLX High School Wrestling Core Curriculum is a unique resource for the high school wrestler or coach.

Includes 6 volumes on 5 DVDs:
  Volume 1 – Neutral Position Defenses
  Volume 2 – Neutral Position Setups
  Volume 3 – Neutral Position Attacks
  Volume 4 – Escapes, Reversals & Counters
  Volume 5 – Top Position Breakdowns
  Volume 6 – Pinning Combinations

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The RFLX High School Wrestling Core Curriculum is a unique resource for the high school wrestler or coach. Featuring over 5 hours of instruction and 185 techniques, this set offers a complete blueprint for success on the mat.

Owning the "Master List"

If you have ever watched a very good wrestler you notice how smoothly they chain their moves together and how quickly they transition from defense to offense or from a takedown to a pinning combination. This is because they have a “master list” of moves that they have drilled and can recall during the heat of the match.

Wrestling is very complex, even though it may look like simply a test of strngth and stamina. It’s the competitor who commands the better range of techniques who will usually prevail. Wrestling rewards the athlete who has a superior blueprint and who has done his “homework” by thoroughly understanding his master list of moves before he even steps onto the mat.

Organized Techniques are a Massive Time Saver

Search online for wrestling techniques and you’ll find thousands of videos with highly advanced details on every position. That can be very confusign, even for the more experienced high school wrestler or coach. What you need is a roadmap from someone who has been over the territory.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a proven master list of techniques to work from so you could just get to the practice room and start working without having to sort through tons of clips on speciallized positions and choose which ones will actually work for you? Well, now you have it!

Highly Experienced Coaching

The RFLX High school Wrestling Core Curriculum is taught by Coach John Clarke. Coach Clarke has produced 7 state finalists: 5 state champions and two runner ups, plus many more outstanding high school wrestlers using this very same master blueprint. The techniques are presented with the important details without overdoing the instruction. The curriculum is designed to provide a comprehensive system that can be put to use by any level wrestler or coach.

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For your convenience the RFLX Championship High School Wrestling set is available on DVD. Please consider the digital format for it’s high quality video and easy navigation tools.


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