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RFLX Combat Wrestling Core Curriculum Volume 1


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Volume 1 of the RFLX Combat Wrestling Core Curriculum covers Takedown Defense.

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Takedown defense is one of the key things that separates wrestlers from other martial artists. If they can’t take you down then you dictate where the fight goes. In terms of self defense, the ability to stay on your feet and on top of your opponent is critical for a positive outcome. Includes PDF chapter list.


Distances and Defensive Philosophy

1. Takedown Defense Fundamentals

2. Hip Thrust

3. Knees

4. Sprawl basics

5. Sprawl – controlling the far wrist to prevent bear hug

6. Sprawl – taking the back – slide the leg across opponent’s arm and swim to the hip

7. Sprawl – stretch the opponent out to gain back position


Basic Takedown Defenses

Double Leg Takedown Defense

1. Cowcatcher

2. Double underhooks 3. Crossface

4. Step Back

Single Leg Takedown Defense

1. Whizzer control position

2. Whizzer defense – opponent with head low

3. Whizzer defense – opponent with head high

4. Whizzer defense – opponent with head in perfect position 5. Whizzer Kickover to side control

6. Defense against the Low Single Leg takedown


Funk Defenses

Against the Double Leg Takedown

1. Head Tie Shuck

2. Front Headlock Anaconda

3. Head Tie Snapdown

4. Crotch Lift Stalemate, submission or pass 5. Ankle Grab over the back

6. Ankle Grab through the legs

7. Front Headlock Shuck

8. Front Headlock – leg hook & spin behind 9. Front Headlock – leg hook & cradle

10. Behind the elbow control

Against the Single Leg Takedown

11. Whizzer Kick Over to mount

12. Whizzer knee bar

13. Elbow Grab and pull

14. Ankle Grab

15. Spladle

16. Step Back Crotch Lift

17. High Leg Over


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