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RFLX Combat Wrestling Core Curriculum Volulme 3


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Volume 3 of the RFLX Combat Wrestling Core Curriculum covers Clinch Work, Greco Techniques, Escapes, Reversals and Counters.

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RFLX Wrestling Volume 3 covers Clinch Work, Greco Techniques, Escapes and Reversals and Strikes/Counters to takedowns or clinch. Essential for MMA and self defense practitioners.


From Underhook Position

1. Wrist Control to Underhook

2. Underhook to Ankle Pick

3. Underhook to Knee Block

4. Underhook to Bear Hug

5. Underhook to Front Headlock

6. Underhook to Cowcatcher

7. Double Underhooks to Bear Hug


From Overhook /Underhook

8. Underhook/Overhook to lateral drop throw


From Overhook Position

9. Double Overhook Lock for Defense

A. Strikes

B. Bear Hug

C. Lateral Drop throw


Greco Techniques

1. Wrist control to upper body control

2. Slide By

3. Arm Drag Drills and Technique

4. Arm Drag (when opp. has wrist control)

5. Arm Drag (when both you and opp. have wrist control)

6. Duck Under (when opp. has wrist control)


Escapes, Reversals and Ground Control

1. Basic Stand Up

2. Shoulder Tap Stand Up

3. Short Sit Out

4. Standing Power Switch

5. Standing Speed Switch

6. Power Switch from Ground

7. Speed Switch from Ground

8. Short Sit Out and Changeover

9. Standing Peterson Roll

10. Short Sit out to Peterson Roll

11. Short Sit Out to Shoulder Lock

12. Short Sit Out to Guzzoni Roll

13. Standing Guzzoni Roll

14. Tripod Headhunt (when opp. has back control)

15. Under Elbow Turn for Choke

16. Ground and Pound from Half Guard

17. Ground and Pound from Side Control

18. Ground and Pound from Full Guard


Strikes and Counters to Takedowns or Clinch

1. Monkey Block to Double Leg takedown

2. Counter the Jab to takedown

3. Counter the Jab to Double Underhooks

4. Overhand Right to takedown

5. Jam the hands to takedown or Bear Hug

6. Catch the Round Kick to takedown

7. Cross Bump Knees to Strikes or Front Headlock

8. Clinch and Dirty Boxing


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