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RFLX Combat Wrestling Silver Series Volume 2

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Volume 2 of the RFLX Combat Wrestling Silver Series covers Top Position Breakdowns, Intermediate Takedowns and Intermediate Greco Techniques

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The techniques presented here by John Clarke are extremely effective, even under the stress of full adrenaline dump, and can be applied to a wide variety of situations, be they competition or self defense. John brings his experience as an Olympic level wrestler, professional MMA fighter, highly successful wrestling coach as well as 10 year SWAT team operator and Haganah Israeli Combatives Black Belt to the development of the RFLX Wrestling series to make it a truly outstanding system for both students and teachers of combat sports, reality based martial arts, Law Enforcement, Security and Military Operators.


Top Position Breakdowns

Tight waist far ankle drive

Tight waist near ankle drive

Far knee far ankle drive

Double arm blast drive forward

Tight waist near side arm chop -180 degree turn

Tight waist arm blast – 180 degree turn

Tight waist arm chop to a tilt

Spiral ride breakdown

Spiral blast breakdown

Double spiral ride breakdown

Cross body leg ride from a tight waist ankle

North South to shifted mount

Intermediate Takedowns

Underhook to a head and arm throw – Gable grip

Overhook to a head and arm throw – baseball pitch

Overhook to arm throw

Overhook / Underhook to a bear hug

Double underhooks to a hip toss

Russian tie / two on one

Russian tie head positioning

Russian tie to a double leg

Russian tie to a single leg

Russian tie to a knee block

Russian tie / mule kick to an ankle pick

Russian tie to a whip over

Russian tie to a fireman’s carry

Russian tie to a bear hug

Russian tie to suplex position

Pummel to a head shuck

Pop arm up to a head shuck

Intermediate Greco Techniques

Wrist control to high dive

Duck under off underhook

Snap down to gator roll

Countering the underhook

Countering double underhooks


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