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RFLX Tactical Grappling Set

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The RFLX Tactical Core Curriculum set includes all three volumes of the RFLX Tactical system including:
Volume 1 – Takedown Defense
Volume 2 – Takedown Offense
Volume 3 – Ground Control

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Field Tested and Experienced Instruction

John Clarke is a 10 year veteran law enforcement officer with 7 years on S.W.A.T. and K-9 as well as a Black Belt in the Haganah Israeli Military Combat System, a professional MMA fighter, an international wrestling competitor, wrestling coach, and founder of the Combat Wrestling System. In this DVD series, John Clarke brings together his unique experiences to teach the most effective wrestling based techniques and concepts for surviving violent attacks.

Responding to a Rising Threat

This system is especially important with the rise of Mixed Martial Arts because, chances are, the bad guys have been watching and professionals must know how to defeat a skilled attacker. The Core Curriculum covers takedown defense and offense as well as ground control and clinch work. Dictating the struggle on the street is critical, especially against a trained opponent. If you can remain standing and control the threat, your chances of survival increase dramatically!

Created With Professionals in Mind

For Law Enforcement / Military And Anyone Who Needs Tactical Grappling A Must For Today’s Professional To Survive Against A Skilled Attacker Sidearm Retention and Deployment Highly Detailed And Indexed For Easy Navigation.

Available in Digital Download

If you’re someone who likes to keep a hard copy of your DVD’s, we understand. But before you purchase, we invite you to consider the convenience of our instant digital download option. By simply downloading the “purple player” app at purchase you have the ability to access your entire RFLX library conveniently on your computer or smart phone, including all chapter markers, navigation and title screens necessary for easy and quick review. Seamless navigation like this makes our instant download instruction a viable option for coaches or school owners who may only require a brief refresher before class, or for people who can’t help but bring their passion with them on the go! So what if you only have 5 minutes? You can still get something out of it! Let’s always be learning together, take a look at how easy the switch can be here.

Purchase as a set or buy individually

For your convenience the RFLX Tactical Core Curriculum is available in individual volumes so you can decide exactly how you want to train! We offer tactical takedown defense, offense and ground control each as its own stand-alone product. However, keep in mind you will save money by purchasing the full core curriculum set!


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