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Tran’s Authentic Muay Thai Katas


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Beginning to Advanced technique levels. Includes PDF file of katas in the DVD. Teaches actual combat principles and economical use of energy. For trainers and fighters/students of all abilities. Awesome cardio, power and agility workout. Great for self defense.

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Kata means structure or shape. Traditionally katas found in most martial arts involve very low stances and movements that build strength and stamina but often are not very realistic for sparring or self defense. This DVD presents the katas from the groundbreaking Tran’s Black Belt Muay Thai Curriculum which are designed to reinforce the actual techniques used in competition or self defense. These katas are designed as structured shadowboxing sequences which teach the student how to use the authentic Muay Thai techniques and principles employed in actual combat. Learning and performing these katas is the first step to building a solid foundation for realistic freestyle shadowboxing and sparring. Once mastered, the katas become second nature for the student and provide a working vocabulary which leads to a complete understanding of the beautiful language of Muay Thai.


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