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Trans Muay Thai Curriculum Level 1

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Tran’s Muay Thai Curriculum Beginning Level 1 covers the fundamental Muay Thai Stances, Footwork, Weapons and Blocks as well as 3-Step Defense, Muay Thai Kata, Thai Pad work and 3-Step Sparring.

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Each section is personally demonstrated by Master Tran and his staff, including men, women and children to help you integrate the system into your school. Included is a pdf file which outlines the curriculum and a rotating calendar so you can teach students of all levels in the same classroom with one teacher. This title features over an hour of high quality video, text descriptions and printable pdf file of rotating curriculum.


Muay Thai Basic Stances and Footwork

Muay Thai Weapons – The 8 Limbs. Punches, Elbows, Knees and Kicks

Muay Thai Defense -Blocks

Three Step-Defense

Kata (Forms) White Belt, Yellow Belt and Orange Belt

Thai pad work

Three-Step Sparring

Board Breaking & Physical Fitness Requirements

Physical Fitness


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