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Tran’s Authentic Muay Thai Pad Training


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Teaches trainers how to be active partners and provide feedback and motivation. Beginning to advanced technique levels and specified training intensity levels 1 – 3. For trainers and fighters/students of all abilities. Awesome cardio, power and agility workout. Great for self defense

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Muay Thai Pad Training is an art unto itself. Muay Thai is a demanding style which requires training at a high level, often for hours a day. Since fighters cannot spar at full intensity without getting injured, the art of Pad Training has evolved in order to allow the fighters to train at a pace and power level that would simulate an actual fight, without the high risk of injury. Pad work is a superior training method because it allows you to make contact and to work on attributes like speed, power, timing, form and conditioning. However, even pad training done incorrectly can be dangerous and lead to injury. Keeping students and pad holders safe and injury free is critical to the success of fighters who train extremely hard in preparation for a match. Holding the pads is also form of conditioning. It improves your coordination and toughness because the impact from strong kicks and punches will come through the pads and into the body. Muay Thai Pad Training has evolved over many years. In fact, the techniques of many Master Trainers are secrets that are as closely guarded as the techniques of the martial art! Now Master H.D.Tran shows you how to correctly use the techniques of pad training. Students of all levels from beginners to pro fighters and trainers will benefit from this highly detailed instructional DVD.


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