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Warrior Conditioning for the Modern Combat Athlete

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Drills to develop razor sharp technique as well as fitness and conditioning – Includes:
  Solo drills,
  Partner drills
  Visualization drills

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Warrior Conditioning for the Modern Combat Athlete Volume 1 is a unique set of drills and exercises that will create amazing results in strength, speed, balance, timing and agility as well as develop razor sharp technique and reflexes for MMA, BJJ, wrestling and self defense. Includes a downloadable PDF file for reference.


Solo Drills • 26:42

Neck Exercises

Neck Exercises With A Swiss Ball

Front Neck Bridges

Rear Neck Bridges

Front Neck Bridge Kick Overs

Key Point: Importance Of Neck Exercise

Super Legs

Backstep Drill

Hip Heist Drill

Shoulder Rolls From Base

Forward And Rear Shoulder Rolls

Standing Forward Shoulder Rolls

Standing Rear Shoulder Rolls

Stand Up in Base Drill

Bag Lifts Up And Down

Bag Lifts Side To Side

Wall Stance Drill

Back Step Drill On The Wall

Hand Walk On The Wall

Stand Up Drill On The Wall

Shoulder Tap Stand Up Drill

Partner Drills • 31:30

Mat Pull-ups

Hand Grip Back Arch Drill

Bridge Pull-overs

Leap Frog Drill

Kick-overs To Shrimp

Kick-overs Without Shrimp

Two Man Back Arch Drill From Base

Back Pull-overs

Two Man Sit-ups

Cat Drill

Stand Up in Base Drill

Side Lifts

Back Lifts

Leg Pinch Drill

Duck Under Lifts

High Crotch Lifts

Duck Step Drill

Shuck Drill

Shucks From A Pummel

Circle And Drag Drill

Russian Tie Drill

Solo AND Partner Capable • 6:40

Sit Out, Change Over Drill

Punches To Takedown Drill

Switch, Re-switch Drill

Kicks To Takedown Drill


Visualization Combo Drills • 11:11

Visualization Drill #1

Visualization Drill #1 With A Partner

Variation To Visualization Drill #1

Visualization Drill #2

Visualization Drill #3


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